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Rediscover the effortless singing, abundant breath and extensive energy that’s yours.
Could this be the stress release every singer has been waiting for?

Jump in.  Join here and begin the process .

We help you sing from every part of you to enable your purist voice.

Watch Sinaed Fitzgerald, budding singer and actor.. “My ability in singing and acting surpasses anything I thought I could do.  My voice has opened up; it’s stopped the strain on my neck”

Singers bravely share their secret dreams. I am mad about singers and singing and I share my core life experiences here so you can benefit from my ‘roadmaps’ AND I am passionate about working with Voice.  I have helped many singers free their voice from tension, gain better breathing and easier performance presentations.  I work through unique ways to ease each facet of the singer.
I empower singers to free boundless vocal expression and sing with confidence.  We release the natural voice and breath to get the fullest vocal strength.

I have been singing all my life. I have sung with many choirs and loved them all.  I help singers explore their maximum natural tone and breathing range.

I came to be on this path at a time when I was under a great deal of strain; pregnancy, bringing up my children, running a home and working, searching for a balance in it all and finding none: I developed an excruciating back problem. It was doom and gloom!

There was little singing in my life then as I struggled to deal with the pain, tension and immobility of it all.

It proved ultimately to be a big turning point for me. Because after many years and many treatments and exercises of various kinds I discovered this unique programme.  The decision to become an Alexander Technique teacher was obvious for me.  More than anything I wanted release of my natural potential (besides improving the back).

Not surprisingly my goal is to transform the world through its voice!

Alan Rickman was heard to say on breath and voice how the Alexander Technique had been crucial to his vocal training. He was able to display a flawed screen character with a perfect ‘voice’ match.

I have worked with college and school choirs, led introductory and group clinics both small and medium sized.  I work one-to-one as well.  And with singing teacher groups.

Singers are the heart of the world…here’s to your Confidence, your Alive Natural Voice, your Joy and Invigoration…

Have a question about vocal training; voice techniques; performance; anxiety; anything – ASK JANN

Want to find out more about how it works?  Leave your name here for a free online course, tips. tricks and traps – start discovering about you – a unique way.  Not the traditional techniques.