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Master Confidence Class in Voice and Posture: Free your voice  – on and off stage.

In this fun and uplifting programme; a lively workshop of self discovery; we explore key concepts and practices that mis-align our natural physical design the affect to the voice and the whole Self.

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Do you…..

– run out of breath long before the phrase is sung?
– experience debilitating shyness or lack of confidence?
– have problems with posture, alignment, or balance?
– voice, jaw, muscles too tight, too loose?
– feel stuck in dysfunctional patterns?
– have difficulty coordinating voice control you should KNOW, but can’t perform?
– get tense, stressed, overwhelmed?
– feel tired, sore with neck or shoulder pain?
– find yourself slumping, but pulling yourself up too hard?
– does paying attention to your posture while singing or practicing get too tiring?

Do you want to…

  • Gain trust in your vocal strength; you have it: you need to own it?
  • Balance breathing and vocal sound easier?
  • Improve confidence and control to connect with the audience?
  • Overcome painful shoulders, tension, anxiety?
  • Enhance breathing, relaxing and stage presence?
  • Calm nerves to integrate singing with sleeping well?

Summary of Starter Programme.

You will explore and learn.

  • What you want and why;
  • Voice skills;
  • Practice approaches;
  • Presentation skills in performance;
  • Psychophysical coordination;

Who may be interested: professional singers, educators of singers, choir members, students and keen amateurs. Or anyone who just loves to sing.

–In group dynamics and sharing we discover how the release of muscle tightness restores the natural effortless voice.
–In discussion, hands on demonstration and body awareness skills (body mapping), we learn to express the easy flow that transforms the whole voice/person.

Working with F M Alexander’s vocal discoveries we uncover unnecessary involuntary muscle tensing of head/spine that interfere with the smooth, clear, powerful voice.

Natural Vocal Freedom is a modern and multi-faceted approach to singing and vocal training using Alexander’s discoveries.  Jann McMichael – Director and certified Alexander Technique teacher.

Sinaed Fitzgerald, budding singer and actor says “My ability in singing and acting surpasses anything I thought I could do.  My voice has opened up; it’s stopped the strain on my neck”

Bronwyn White, aspiring singer says “It helped me open out, I lost the croaky quality to my voice.  Most of all, I gained confidence in singing.”

Robert Howell, Auckland choir director, voice teacher; classical singer discovered  “How easy it is to release tension and keep my head relaxed”.

Gay Pearse – My voice is more connected, it’s not as croaky.

Sarah Spence – The best thing I got out of it was the ability to relax and not push; a lot of relaxation around the jaw…Really a feeling of confidence in general.

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Cost of sessions.

  • Private 1-2-1 hourly sessions $90.  Have an assessment consultation – springboard to your personal singing needs.  Explore key concepts to understand your unique benefits.
  • Starter package – If this is your first time, here’s my special starter offer.
    Sign up for 6 and pay only $494 (would normally cost $540).
    After 6 lessons you’re singing with less tension and stress.  It starts to feel easier and more comfortable.  Your everyday actions like singing practice, moving, sitting, standing, working have all eased up.
  • 10 lesson package (over 7 weeks) $750. (Value $900)
    After 10 lessons you are more able to use your new found knowledge more and more.  Singing and breathing  feel more relaxed.  You have greater understanding of what your voice can achieve, more confidence in yourself.
  • Best Package: 12 weeks (24 lessons 2ce per week) $1632.  (Value $2160)
    After 24 lessons you are certain about what you have learnt and can apply it to all areas of your life.  You have explored key concepts and experienced the benefits unique to you. You are confident in being able to sustain your successes. You love your ease and flexibility.  You enjoy your confident singing.

    All sessions by appointment to suit.

Pay $90 now and contact me to make a date.
Balance when you begin lessons


Got questions?  Email me  or call me +64 021 153 7774  to book a session.


2nd Level: 4 Modules over a year.

Gain your next step of four modules that follow Level 1.  Certification for Natural Vocal Freedom for Singers.

This programme helps singers and voice specialists further explore their potential to accomplish a powerful resonance and create a ‘yes plan’ to achieve their dreams.

Your education will include basic and firm practice, exploration and grasp to enhance your performance success and daily comfort and freedom.

Internationally trained Alexander teacher and trainer I help singers and vocalists realize their desires for powerful, energetic voices through Natural Vocal Freedom. I provide a solid base understanding of the singer’s vocal / body that enables the singer to transform their practice and concert results.  “WHAT MINDS….MATTERS”!

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Master classes on offer

Singing Teachers: Are you interested in sharing this work with your students or choir members? Let me come to you!  I conduct mini and mega classes in teacher’s studios.
You can expect a dynamic and engaging workshop with active and student-involved routines.  The students gain take-away skills for enhancing their vocal/physical ease for both practicing and singing.

Schools choirs, college singers: I specialise in group workshops with college and school choirs.

I present SET YOUR VOICE AND BREATHING FREE programme at the Voices of Sacred Earth Festival.

Contact me to get details for a Master Class.

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