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From Strain to a Free Neck!

“Truth is great and its effectiveness endures” Ptahhotpe Over time one saying has made more and more sense – in every way.  Know the truth and the truth will set you free. Discussing with a friend of mine the other day, we mutually agreed that as good as computers are and getting better all the Continue Reading

I am a Truth Mover

Give up! Yesterday was one of those really down days for me.  I don’t know what I am doing!  Don’t know why I am doing it!  I’d really rather close the door.  Close all my online connections, switch off the computer and just go and sit in the sun! Most people my age are only Continue Reading

Love your Practicing Sessions?

“Go and practice now”….words that rang in my ears often as a child.  Short of dragging me by the ear, I must have driven my mother mad.  She was paying for the lessons and I was balking. You’ve got to practice she said often, yet the more I could get away with not, the happier Continue Reading

How Posture affects Voice

My personal assignment right now is to unpack my never used stage voice. To sing a solo, or even a concert. I would love to sing on stage – to a thousand people. I see the plan!  A thousand expectant faces, a mic, a stage, lights. My abiding love of singing is never an issue Continue Reading

How to Sing Longer Phrases

Hello there. It’s blog time again! And I sit here with a mind like a drain, everything running away and nothing staying.  Just when I want to write some profound words for you….! I never find writing easy, it is like struggling to give birth.  How do I know?  I have done it four times.  Continue Reading

A discussion with Karen Hunter

Karen Hunter is a singer musician with a multitude of musical talents in many musical fields.  She describes herself as “musical, vulnerable, bold and unique.”  Here she shares herself generously about her singing challenges in an interview I had with her. Her online presence:  https://www.karenhunter.com; https://karenhunter.bandcamp.com; https://www.facebook.com/hunterdeluz;  https://karenhunter.com/listen-watch/ I really enjoyed our conversation together as Continue Reading

The comfortable Ritual of Habit!

Singers, what might be a habit or ritual that you have every time you sing that is getting in your way, causing you problems?  Trouble is, because you have done it so often or for so long, you might not even recognise it as a problem at all.  It just happens, just like breathing! It’s Continue Reading

Straining vocals? Neck in a knot?

This is the curse of the singer or the singing teacher!  Get to the real shape of the ball! How to get real PERMANENT change to your pure vocal-ism?   What’s the REAL cause of muscle tension restricting your  voice! …you’re are halfway through the day and you’re forcing your voice because it just won’t Continue Reading