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How can breathing wrong cause tension?

How much vocal tension is too much tension?

The other day I was chatting to my Alexander associate and a singing teacher friend.  We were discussing how we interfere with our breathing.  Here’s what we listed how we go wrong.

Common misconceptions of how we interfere.
  1. The idea of breathing through our belly buttons is a common instruction for singers;
    Using the belly button image has led some singers to create a peculiar bulge around the belly button area in the sincere attempt of following the instruction.
  2. In yoga we learn to take a deep breath in and ‘savour it’ as if a beautiful scent of wildflowers;
    Taking a deep breath can lead to starting subtle tensions in order to carry this out.
  3. Then again, a well-known and international singer encourages his choir to “clench your buttocks and sing from your belly buttons”
  4. “Use your diaphragm” ….
    Since we use our diaphragms in breathing always, like it or not we have no direct control over this sheet of muscle as it moves up and down.
  5. If you ‘try’ to breath better, you will  interfere with the natural design.
These and many more misconceptions get random results because –

Each vocalist perceives the instruction through their own perception.  We all have our own thoughts (and training) about breathing.  In particular, how we can manage what we’ve been told about our breathing, whilst singing or speaking.

Of course, the intent (to get more breath) is good.  However, the method has an inbuilt flaw

In Alexander, we have a name for this; we call it ‘end-gaining’.

This is a bit like going from 1st to 5th gear in your manual car in one go!  By 5th gear the car splutters and is sluggish.  There is reason for changing gears gradually.  Since each gear copes with different conditions, to have a smooth ride, you change one gear at a time.

If we go from 1st to 5th in our breathing, we may end up with all manner of sluggishness, not least of all is a voice full of tension as it struggles to maintain its 5th gear.

This is contrary to its natural design.

In the small child –

-there is no struggle to scream, shout, AND breathe with ease!  Likewise, if you want to get more breath so that you can sing longer, higher, louder, then you must inform yourself of which gears to use and how to operate them.

My associate concludes “I support my voice without doing any of that (clenching, belly breathing et al), and the “support” comes from my whole body, including my toes and back.”

So what does it all mean?  What’s so unique about it?
  • Firstly, this means that you breathe from you whole body.  Did you know almost every muscle in your body is involved with your breathing?
  • Secondly, the more you know about your body/muscle function and how to use it/them appropriately, the easier your voice will work.
  • Finally, my favourite quote, the quality of your out breath will determine the quality of your in breath. It’s up to you to discover this well-kept secret.

Personally, when I teach, I am very focussed on how the combined body and breathing works all together, from the top of the head all the way down to the toes.

The Alexander Technique is all about using appropriate tension throughout our whole selves; and the breathing apparatus is just a part of that.

Alexander Technique is about switching muscles on and off?  Once you have mastered this, you have a whole new insight to your breathing.  And more important, a whole new way of seeing yourself.

Do you agree?  If not email me.  Tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading my article.


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