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How Not to breathe so you Can breathe.

Is this you?  Your breath doesn’t last the long notes?

  • No matter how many lessons you’ve had, you’re still puzzled how to do it better?
  • Even when you take a good breath for a complicated passage, its still not enough?
  • Maybe, just maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.

Here are some tips to make you think.

Tip 1. Refuse to practice controlled in and out breathing; it actually does not improve the quantity, rather it gets in the way.

Tip 2. Give yourself permission to ‘un-panic’ at the onset of an in-breath.  Taking the trouble to wait a moment gives you a moment to ease.  This eases all.

Tip 3. Let the music do your breathing for you.

Tip 4. Keep your brain-lungs free and easy….include your neck in this one too.  The free neck gives freedom to the whole body and lends itself directly to better sound.

Tip 5. Using the natural breathing system means letting the diaphragm operate the way it can at its best.  After all, that is the way it has been from your first in-breath, when no one was there to instruct you!  And you made it!   I know that because you are reading this.

Benefits of freeing your breathing with ease.

  1. Your intensity can be focussed on enjoying the song.
  2. You are more relaxed because your breathing is doing itself!
  3. Your confidence improves in the knowledge that your system is working better.
  4. It is the most important aspect of the singers set of tools.

A student taking Alexander lessons exclaimed…

“I see at last if I don’t breathe, I breathe”.  It was no longer an effort to breathe.  She discovered the easiness of breathing!

Here’s a 3 minute video as Alexander teacher, Jean lets a whispered out-breath convey her joy and freedom  click here

Can you try this?  Have fun with your voice…

  • Let the air flow with the song,
  • be sure to have evidence of your enjoyment on your face.
  • If your face is lit up even just a little, you give permission for your body to ‘light up’ too!
  • Use your practice times to un-couple from effort, struggle.
  • Find fun in each song.  Yes, even while practicing.
  • Let your confidence shine out of the un-worried, un-hurried pace.

Take time to discover the joy of singing again.

Thank you for reading my blogs and letting me share with you what I am passionate about…your voice, your breathing, and how you can have the most positive effect from it all. If you’re interested in learning more about these aspects, keep reading.

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