Natural Vocal Freedom

Sing Without Strain – Free Your Voice – Perform at your Best

Why mess with our breathing?

The other day I was chatting to my Alexander associate, discussing how we interfere with our breathing.  Here’s what we decided. Misconceptions of how we interfere with breathing. The idea of breathing through our belly buttons is a common instruction for singers; Using the belly button image has led some singers to create a peculiar Continue Reading

How NOT to be a good singer!

How not to become a good singer! One of my students said the other day – There’s one big problem with Alexander Technique.  What’s that I asked? There’s no link between the ‘problem’ a person is going through e.g. chronic hoarseness, and what the Technique does for it. She continued; doctors have a clear picture Continue Reading

I took a risk and I won….confidence!

It’s been two weeks of huge highs and lows! It is a week since my little troupe of girl singers, brave and joyful stood on stage in their bands.  They gave resounding performances. From the beginning of the week…on day one, Monday they and we the vocal, instrumental and band mentors came together for the Continue Reading

Find Yourself – to Find Your Voice

 –  Advice from Lola, a young budding singer and performer ….as told by Lola Parado about her experience with me, to overcome her lack of vocal confidence enough to sing! Lola is passionate about singing. But she doubted her voice.  Her singing lessons so far had not given her the results she wanted.   Her confidence Continue Reading

How to De-stress your Breathing

Aristotle said: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.” Wonderful words to inspire! But  my friend….if you take this too much to heart, your days become long and wearied. The thing is, we are told ‘RELAX’ when we’re nervous!  ‘RELAX’ so we can breathe Continue Reading

Constructive Vocal Self Care

Let me just tell you a little story of…..’Pookie puts the world right’! You see, Pookie, a flying rabbit, banished ‘Winter’ much to the annoyance of the little creatures who were looking forward to hibernating.  Hugely dejected for making this error, Pookie flew off to find Winter and reverse his instruction!!  Thus he put the Continue Reading