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Find Yourself – to Find Your Voice

 –  Advice from Lola, a young budding singer and performer

….as told by Lola Parado about her experience with me, to overcome her lack of vocal confidence enough to sing!

Lola is passionate about singing. But she doubted her voice.  Her singing lessons so far had not given her the results she wanted.   Her confidence suffered.  As a result she came to me for lessons.

From these lessons Lola kick started her journey into Mainz (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand), to follow her passion.

Here she tells of her struggle with confidence and how she rekindled her love of singing and finding her voice.

Her story:

Lola: I just didn’t have confidence.  No one told me, I just thought my voice was bad.  When I came to you and you’d tell me to sing, I would think…’I can’t do it!’  I would get all flustered about it and then I’d have the giggles, and really bad..  Now I’ve gotten over it”.

Jann: How did it help you, what did I do that made your confidence improve?

Lola: Basically just all those exercises we did, techniques.   Um…knowing the right technique just makes you more confident and you can deliver.

Like you said, instead of trying to control your breathing, instead of taking a deep breath for singing, you don’t even have to; you just relax.  And that really helped me so much because back then I would always gasp for air.  And then I would just tense up.

What I got from you is really different from all the other tutors I went to. Cause you actually helped my posture and all those techniques that are natural.  When I went with it naturally, it was much more easy; it just flowed.  Knowing the right technique just makes you more confident and you can deliver.

It’s a lot easier, not tense anymore.  For something like band I would have to think about it too much.  It is not too much thinking and just going along with your body naturally, instead of going against it.  Just go with it.

Jann: My vocal teaching, unlike teaching musicality, is rooted in the rare vocal discoveries of Alexander. How was that for you?

Lola:  I like it! It’s a lot more helpful with my singing.  In terms of vocally…. No more over thinking.  Back then I would think “ah, am I doing it right?”   All your stuff about thinking up, it’s really so valuable.

Lola concludes with this little tip. It’s all about passion.  You’ve got to believe in yourself.  Elvis had a teacher who told him he was no good.  He looked for ways to improve.  Just look where it got him!

Thank you Lola for your tips and for sharing your insights!


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