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How to De-stress your Breathing

Aristotle said: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.”  Wonderful words to inspire!

But my friend, if you take this too much to heart, sincere effort can become wearied, your days become long.

The opposite if ‘effort’ is relax.  But, the thing is, we are told ‘RELAX’ when we’re nervous or have made too big an effort!  ‘RELAX’ so we can breathe better.  But ‘relax’ can easily result in a subtle slump….an (unaware) sag!

Here are 7 ways to ensure you are on the right track.
Let go of the idea that you are desperate

Desperate to sing a long phrase.
Desperate not to run out of breath.
Desperate to hide your fear from everyone.

Desperation is directly opposite to what you want.  It can be ‘masked’ as excellence!

Become familiar with the true nature of your breathing mechanics

Anatomy?  Oh…not that boring subject again!  No, not at all.
Give yourself a little chance to know the capacity of your balloony lungs.
How your diaphragm moves.
The huge range of available chest movement.
Know the length and breadth of your chest cavity.
Appreciate how flexible and giving it all is.
And most of all, let everything move as it wants to move.

 Depressed? Anxious?

When you are breathing easily and naturally, you cannot be depressed.
Where there is freedom your voice naturally responds in the same way.
Sounds obvious?  It is!
BUT….it is the quality, the ‘how to’ quality of the breath.
So, if your breathing is just free, you can change your life!

Let your eyes ‘breathe’!

While your main concern might be centred on your faulty breathing, I urge you to extend to your eyes.
To let them have their own freedom.
Loosen them from the grip of a stare into space or fixed eyes.
Soften your gaze.
‘See’ the whole world around you even if it is not in front of you.

Your breath is always a whole body affair.

Alexander’s discovery!  Initially he was known as the “Breathing Man”..then –
He uncovered the core secret….
This core element is crucial to all activities. Co-ordination.
Co-ordinate essentially the neck/spine.
Easy as slicing through soft butter!

Then, let all of you be free,

From the top of the head, to the feet.
And include your eyes.

Lastly, let a breath go all the way out first.

Then let new air return to the lesser spaces.
Continue to do this a few times.
Then with the last breath let out a BIG SIGH!

With practice you start to notice your in-breaths expanding naturally.

Easily…….you get more air!
You become more inspired.
Inspiring thoughts bring more ‘inspired’ breathing!

Take the pressure off the push to excellence.  Take the indirect route….

If you start to bring this natural breath to your voice, you will find more harmony in your singing, more expression. All round!

Pat yourself on the back if you’ve discovered something new here.  Now work on it!  Or ask me a question.

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