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Constructive Vocal Self Care

Let me just tell you a little story of…..’Pookie puts the world right’!

You see, Pookie, a flying rabbit, banished ‘Winter’ much to the annoyance of the little creatures who were looking forward to hibernating.  Hugely dejected for making this error, Pookie flew off to find Winter and reverse his instruction!!  Thus he put the world right and the little animals we able to return to Nature!  And sleep!

This story from my childhood – what an impact it made on me then.  Later, reading it to my children, it would bring tears to my eyes.

In fact, putting the world ‘right’ is my thing!  One human at a time!

What I mean really is I love helping people in the way that I was. To make things work that are not, like an aching voice or a sore body.

Why not put things right if that is possible, if you can find the tools that work?

Over the next two weeks I want to give you an opportunity to try this for yourself.

It is all about changing…..

Changing the way you think about how you sing, move, so you can get a different result from the one you always get.

Singers: whether you sing professionally or for enjoyment and/or teach others: get paid for it or not……if singing from the heart is your passion but…..

You’re plagued by voice strain or hoarseness, throat tension or breathing issues….  (Note:  your concerns happen day and night, even though your issues appear to be confined to your singing).

Here’s an exercise you might try on yourself.  This week is part 1 of 2 parts. Today being Monday, start immediately!

Part 1:

Every day notice your movements during the day’s activities;

  • Observe yourself (as if from a distance).
  • For the whole week, whatever you are busy with, keep your eyes wide open to yourself.
  • If you are at work or home, keep up the pace you always set.
  • Make no limitations. Just be your own ‘watcher’.

Each evening, ask yourself;

  • If you noticed any times when you were more than usually stressed?
  • If you did anything about that stress or just carried on?
  • How was your energy at the end of the day when you got home?
  • How were your tension levels? Vocally and in your body?
  • Keep a diary. Write your answers down every evening.
  • Be really critical about your activities and your results.

It is great to notice things about yourself.  In noticing you have a chance to make a change to positive self-work.

Keep these notes.  Next week is Part 2.

You will take a look at your results and what you can do to make changes to ‘put your world right’!

Write what you have noticed this week about yourself –  and tell me your observations.


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