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Self Care-Injuries. My recent Injury Story

One thing is for certain.  An injury to any part of yourself can stop everything you’re doing.


We all know when the oxygen mask drops down on the plane, you put your own mask on first – then you have the oxygen to care for others.

What if you put the mask on and there’s no oxygen!!

That is how I felt recently with my injury.

A bout of severe coughing left me feeling like my upper spine had snapped.

I couldn’t breathe, sing, bend, turn, lie down. Everything was out the window along with all activities that made me smile.

I reached out for help.  I was given pain pills!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?  You reach out and the help doesn’t help?

Depressed, confused, frustrated, freaking out – and painful.

Some physio and cranial osteo sessions later  ….but still no change!  I was frantic.  What if I could never teach again? Do what I am passionate about doing?

I dug deep!

Like FM Alexander, when no one could help him with his hoarse voice, he figured…

Am I doing something I’m not aware of?  Something in the way I’m moving, speaking?

Was I doing something to myself that was making my situation worse?

I made a new decision…….!

Me?  Years of experience!  A well qualified teacher! I had practiced my own self care for years!  But still……….

I took myself for some Alexander sessions!

A huge eye opener!  I had not helped myself!  I had just been getting in my own way!

Oh the relief to find out!  The excitement to know.

The experienced eye can guide you into better, fine brain/motor/movement control.

Just maybe, like me, after a few years of routine and automatic moving you have the need for an incisive and subtle change.

The question is, are you getting the Self Care input that makes a lasting difference?

My tip today is….. when you’ve tried everything, and you’re desperate: there is an olive branch out there.

If you are interested, I can help you rewire your brain and body for healthier mind-body patterns.  Also on Skype.

Need an olive branch?  Talk to me.

Would your friend like to read this?  Forward this link:  http://www.naturalvocalfreedom.com/self-care-injuries-my-recent-injury-story

Happy days


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