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Self Care – Build your Neural Language to understand your Body.

This is probably the most exciting journey you can ever go on –  that is….

Once you get to decode your own ‘neural’ language.

I was teaching a student.  Giving her cues and clues to using her voice better.  I asked – where does the voice come from.  Her answer was text book perfect….from the throat; and the mouth forms the shape of the sound.

However, in observing her, her voice didn’t connect with her words.  The sound was not clear or fluid.

She was actually unaware of what her mind was telling her.

I needed a way to make her connect with her faulty sense so that she could then experience how her brain/neural talk tells her what’s real.

Your mind knows the truth.  But maybe not ‘knowingly’

So I did a little experiment with her.

I asked her to extend her arm and hold it there.

Then I asked what was keeping her arm up.

She replied – her arm muscles.

I suggested that she now think of her arm as an extension of and connecting to her back.

Then I asked her what did that do for her.

She was intrigued!  Her arm felt less heavy!

So what changed?

The only thing different was that she suddenly ‘got’ the direct neural path!

She knew ‘knowingly’ her own true neural expression, her neuro-physical precision.

Result:  it was much less effort, less intensity, more relief!

Her next find is her true neuro-vocal sound.  Uncovering the resonance that lies dormant until she ‘languages’ it!

Imagine ‘knowingly’ knowing the whole of you!   How much easier it would be.

So simple!


Want to journey with me? If you have already done one, a refresher is ok too..  As one of my students quoted….success is not the destination, it IS the journey!

Basic Alexander and Voice Course: 3 Month Module

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