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How to Compute, Sing and Live with Ease

I sit to write every morning, just letting ideas flow like a river. And those of you who don’t write use computers. Computer users take note!

I asked my class how many spend most of the day on a computer and almost everyone admitted that they did.  Whether in IT, a singer, teacher, in an office or at home, even the youngest of students…..

…….computers rule the day! We cannot ignore this fact.   Read more here about computers and ease: http://alexandertechnique.co.nz/who-benefits/computer-workers/

Now, my student asks me can I help her find an easier way to write (read ‘use computer’); she usually ends up with a sore shoulder and a numb arm/hand.

I ask her to write, I give her pen and paper, a table and chair.  She writes!

She doesn’t notice how she contorts herself in her wish to write, she’s so engrossed.  I ask her… do you know ‘how’ you are doing what you are doing as you write.  She answers… I hold the pen, I lean forward a bit, I start writing.

In these words lies the big dilemma!

What’s missing is the attention to the many micro-parts of Self that are in play even just to get the hand to the paper!  I joke not.  The deep sense of our whole creature Self.   In modern speak – the essence of the Neuro-Muscular Self.

Humans have always wished to improve in whatever skill or activity.  In the 1950s the ‘Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness’ was very instrumental in making exercise popular.  In the 1980s huge corporations made The Gym compulsory for their employees.

These days the concept of fit = healthy is a commonly held belief.  Although it might assist some to strengthen, there is a mass of back pain/shoulder pain sufferers who remain quiet because they have tried exercise in every form without success.

So what’s the missing link?  Simple!  Just the JOURNEY of the activity to freedom from pain!

Extract the wrong from the activity to get the ease we all want in our everyday living…computing, writing, singing, and all!

Reminder to the students of the class!  ‘Body’ your mind before you start your activity!

So here I sit. My first thought is – not to dive into the writing but to make a plan to be in my “body mind”.  To ‘wholeness’ myself before I even think of writing.

It has large benefits I now notice – after writing for the last hour and a half. 

  1. I begin with a clean page and a clear mind.
  2. I have little to no tension and definitely no pain to distract me.
  3. As I continue to write, this ease continues so I can stay focussed longer.
  4. Lastly, when (if) a niggle creeps in again, I get immediate feedback/warning to stop! Break! Re- ’body’ mind myself.(Literally get back to my base!)

The best part…. I get to the next activity still whole, healthy and at ease.

Practice this whether you are singing or gardening, driving your car, sitting at your desk particularly at your key board or anything you do.  You can only be your own prize winner.

Whether you were at the class or not, this is for you.  For your every day.

Hey my good reader, email me how it works for you.

And by the way, go here for a list of recommended Alexander Technique books available.

And have a happy day!

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