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Self Care ….How to ‘listen’ to your Body to Free your Vocal Brain…

Pay attention!

How often has someone said that to you?

Today we expand what this means.  The ‘How To’ of paying attention!

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Africa is a warm and friendly continent.  At least that was my experience as I grew up.   There it’s common for children to run barefoot.  They get home from school and off go the shoes. First thing!

The openness: the exhilaration!  The freedom and relief is palpable.

It was very surprising to me when I first travelled to the UK to see children wearing shoes all the time.

Experiencing your movements is a multi-sensory skill.  It’s part of your ‘hearing’ world.  Not least of all from your feet.

Children are the best explorers of themselves.  They instinctively gather information of their inside and outside world to keep them in sync with themselves. Of course, shoes limit their exploration.

You’ve been there yourself certainly.  Been for some extended shopping, get home exhausted….throw off your shoes and voila, you are more ok with your Self.

If you haven’t done it, try it out while summer is around.

You might try this right now……

Take a little walk around while you are singing a song (or just holding one note).

Now, throw off your shoes and let your feet meet the ground.

All the while nurturing the head spine……

Take a moment to experience walking on different surfaces.

Notice your eyes begin to ‘hear’; to gather information.  Now as you walk, sing your song again.

It’s all about being more of who you are.

Finding your way to your own self care is a life time mission: an exciting one that continues on in the true sense….if you know how!

As you are here reading this, I congratulate you for your valuable self committed drive.

If you know what sensory feedback inhibits you, write me about it and find out about the exciting new Module 1.



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