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Join my 30 day challenge: how to care for YOU.

Welcome to “How can I keep My Self cared for?”

Singers need a special way to care for themselves.  Here’s  a good basic plan for you.

Over the next 30 days I will ask you questions, share the how’s and inspire you to true easy days, no matter whether singing or whatever your activity (even resting).

Please, give yourself this time.  It’s FREE!  And it’s right in front of you as you sit here. Reading.

And what will make it more powerful for you is … email me back, ask questions, be a part of this invisible ‘group’ I am ‘talking’ to and who are ‘talking’ to me.  I love having you along.

My first question to you today is…………..

How often do you tell yourself “I should be doing this” or “I should be doing something else”?

As your attention shifts from right here to the shoulds and should-nots, what happens to your beautiful coordinating self?  To your mental self?  To your physical self?

Your response might be a subtle eroding of your day’s progress….

And it’s uncomfortable.  So we shift to release the discomfort….go have a cuppa, divert the attention etc…

And while this happens, your inner self is not engaged; seeking an easier place.

Every thought that is in conflict with what is happening right now, is a stress agent.

What can you do really other than what you are doing?

Take the moment when you catch yourself with a should, and for that moment in time…..

Tell yourself “Right now, I can choose to do ANYTHING”

What on your list ‘should’ you be doing?

Try it! Free yourself from your ever busy mind.

Email me your successes

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