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Discover the joy of singing …again


Come!   Sing!   This is my resolve now….

I have really been so involved with my work over the last seven years, it is now just perfect to free up and give to myself what I invite others to do all the time.

But first, I want to say I’ll give away a Tip of the Day for the next ten days to give you practical tips to use for yourself to inspire you. Enter your name and request to get them directly into your mailbox.

So yesterday I went for a singing lesson! 

What joy it was to be on the side of giving to yourself for a change.

When you have a driving need to do something, is this the inner you saying ‘go for it’?

What an interesting experience it was for me.

Singing solo has never been me (I have always sung in choirs).  So today I had every reason to pull out before the lesson.

BUT… off to the singing lesson I went.

What I discovered is that I can definitely sing!

I joke!

Everyone can sing really.

It’s the confidence to do so that holds most of us back.

Confidence to stand up, stand out, and risk.

My biggest gain was really listening to ME and the joy of doing this real want.

I listened to my inner me!

And…..With the teacher’s direction and my vocal strengths… I am much richer for this lesson.

Tip of the day…

Give yourself the freedom to DO that something that is niggling at the back of your soul.

Take some time to search yourself, your longing.  Be the ‘me’ you long to be – now.

If it is to discover your joy in singing (again); or exploring whatever it is you (very) secretly want, go for it.

Create a ME plan.

You’ll be in good company

Stay tuned for my next tip about. a lesson I gave someone.

Happy days
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