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Having a great voice is every singers wish.

Getting that great voice is the ultimate aim; the cherry on the cake for anyone who ever stood in the lights, in centre stage. if this is your passion, read on.

How do you know you are ‘looking’ at a beautiful, genuine Voice? What are the qualities of the perfect pitch, tone, freedom, that gets you in the solar plexus, almost makes you want to cry?

Judge for yourself as Joyce Didonato performs her magic and then I will give you my take on the signs of the Free Voice!


In your performance, do other people see…


  • You are genuinely exuberant.
  • You look calm and confident
  • Your voice is keener, more authentic
  • Your look easy and free of the strained look on your face
  • Your breathing is naturally easy, no gasps for air
  • You are poised and physically show happiness and share it freely with your audience
  • Free of shoulder/neck pain, no sign of pain
  • Facing the stage with guts in your voice
  • You’re more energetic
  • No sign of anxiety or self doubt,

Just oozing a natural easy confident voice!!

All these qualities are clearly visible in Joyce Didonato’s singing.

She is most of all having fun.

What are the difficulties you face when being on the spot? I always love to know the problems singers face.  Click here to send me an email, a one liner with your worst stage nightmare and I will give you some tips.

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