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The One Perfect Exercise for a ‘Soon to be Famous Voice’! Is it a Myth or miracle?

“I can sing, I just don’t know how to sing!”

Well that sounds like a ridiculous statement. But honestly, do you really know how it happens. Singing is after all a natural activity. I have been doing it since I was tiny. And you?

As much as you can breathe, you can sing.

Yet any aspiring or professional singer will spend a whole lifetime perfecting their voice, tone, resonance, pitch and much more. It’s a bit like the golfer looking for that one perfect shot.

Inside every singer is the most wonderful voice just waiting to come out; it was there from the beginning. Yes, we can all sing, could all sing. There are very few exceptions. Even tone deafness does not over-ride this natural talent.

Q: What gets in the way?

A: Finding the one perfect exercise! Or perhaps I can call it the un-exercise.

Here’s a typical example.

Your singing teacher tells you to ‘ground yourself’ before you start your phrase.

I had a student who told me this is what she had been directed to do. As we worked together through her session with me, she realised that in trying to do this she had become heavy in herself as she followed this instruction.

Taking direction can be harmful if not dangerous in itself, even from a singing teacher. It can have an impact that can affect you for the rest of your life. UNLESS…….

You become aware of your own true ‘physical’ voice.

It’s the nuts and bolts of singing; the bones and muscles, organs and mind.

You don’t sing just with your voice. You sing with your whole self; body, mind, heart, intention and all.

Put these all together in you and you become someone who can take an instruction and make it work perfectly – for and to your own unique self. And this can dramatically enhance your voice.

Sometimes you will see someone singing really beautifully, but that person cannot teach another person how to sound similarly beautiful – if they are not fully aware of ‘how’ THEY are singing beautifully.

This is a personal journey that each one must take so that each one will benefit from it.

Not only in your singing, but in every aspect of your life: your on stage life, your off stage life, everything.

Knowing the how of why you sound good gives you the power to change your reality, and you will even be able to teach others how to sound really good.

Going back to ‘grounding yourself; it is important that your feet are securely on the ground.

However, on the other end of the stick, your head which weighs a heavy amount is made buoyant by your whole perfect system of muscle and skeleton.

Engage your mind and your body. And give yourself the permission to ‘lighten’ the head upwards – away from the feet.

F M Alexander, who worked out the Alexander Technique for his own voice problem, was told during his vocal training to ‘grip the floor with his feet’. He recalled this instruction years later after his feet became really sore. For a long time, he did not realize his concept of ‘grip the floor’ was wrong. His better understanding enabled him to “undo” that instruction, so releasing the chronic tension. The pain left his feet.

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