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10 Essentials singers need to know about their bodies to increase confidence

We are born breathing and singing naturally?!  So…..How do singers sabotage their singing? 

As F M Alexander said, “Every man, woman and child holds the possibility of physical perfection; it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.”

How can you have ‘It’ all?  Always…!

Here are ten essentials that every singer needs to know about their bodies to drastically change the vocal sounds they produce.


Vocal coordination is a whole body affair, not just the voice.
Singing like all movements is a total  (person) activity.  Focus on the coordination of the whole body and take a leap into natural ease, strength and freedom IN YOUR VOICE!

The jaw moves essentially as part of the spine.
Tension in the jaw is lacking spinal harmony.  It is so simple; free the neck and the jaw frees itself!

Pain and discomfort anywhere in the body is a sign of chronic muscle tightness.
There are two kinds of muscle. One is for contracting, one for releasing.  Through these a natural balance is maintained. If a muscle is compensating by pulling instead of releasing, chronic tension is the result.

Your diaphragm is only one of the breathing essentials not the whole breathing mechanism.
Do you know where and how your lungs start and end?  If you are instructed to breathe with your diaphragm, do you know that you have way more control with your rib muscles.   Knowledge is the key to much greater sound.

Breathing into the belly impairs singing.
If this is how you perceive an in-breath, it will help to know it actually is a major cause of chronic stress to the elasticity of the whole breathing mechanism.

In breathing… less is more!
If you are controlling ‘how you SHOULD breath’ the less effect you have on it.  Your lungs are more spacey than you imagine and much more flexibility than you think.  Work with nature for best results.

A rasping ‘inhale’ is a sign of vocal tension.
If you can hear yourself taking a breath there is tightness in the throat and vocal device which affects the sound, the voice.  Vocal tension in the vocal folds limits the natural and beautiful sound that is possible.

Your hips, legs and feet; an essential (2nd) base for singing.
1st base is always the head/spine poise.  Secondly, if the 1st base is rigid, at the same time you are riveted by the sound you are producing (or the fear that you are not), ultimately rigidity is present everywhere, indirectly affecting your voice, causing you to be less efficient.

Every movement, every voice, every emotion is controlled by head/spine harmony.
Head to move so all the spine can follow!  Like a flower blooming, the whole body opens up to maximum performance whether singing a full-throated opera or tying a shoelace.

Work with nature, flow with your natural design, give yourself a free ticket to easy singing
Whether you want the head voice, the chest voice, the high note, the low register;  get out of your own way.  Stop the limits, the hidden tension, the round-about traps you fall into over and over.  You will dramatically enhance each and every voice

My little 2½ years old granddaughter is coming along rapidly with her speech.  The other day  she said “My Granma lives in a museum” how cute is that!   My daughter realised she had actually said “My Granma lives in New Zealand”

What amazes me is that at the early age of two her voice speaking, singing or shouting is as full and loud as she wants it to be.  And as soft as a whisper when she is mellow.  With all the confidence in the world she just lets it out.


Mario Demiraj came to me with jaw tension when he sings.  He says “I’ve found I am able to release a lot more of that tension while singing and it’s given me much more freedom in my voice.  My whole posture feels more comfortable and I’m releasing tension throughout my whole body”.

Dare to sing?  Learn your Body Design so your vocal/body can reset itself to an easy vocal freedom.

Watch out for more about our voice/body ‘muscles’.

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