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How do you build your confidence?

“I’m not good enough!”

Is it true? 

Is this you?  Or is it your fiction?

This mantra kept playing in my head when I was young.   At six, I agreed to sing a simple song to the students.  I stood there and saw their faces.  I just KNEW I couldn’t do it!!  I crumpled into a little ball and crept off the stage.  How embarrassing.

Whenever you face a new, perhaps scary situation, what do you say to yourself?  What are those pesky little messages you tell yourself?  “I can’t do this, I’m not good enough!  What will everyone think of my performance?”  Whatever we perceive of ourselves is our reality.

What is real?

How do you separate fantasy from reality?

Our perception of our reality is our fantasy, our fiction.

Shyness (or inward-ness) has been a constant most of my life.   As I reflect now, I used to see everything as scary, to be wary of, to ‘shy’ away from!  If only I had cared to examine it, I would have realized it was largely untrue.  I could have been more truly MYSELF a long time ago too….   To be myself, to have guts, to give more to myself, to give more to you!

What is the benefit of being REAL?

Firstly… you are genuinely confident.

Secondly…Being free in your body and mind, being able to be free in practice, you’re more than half way there.

Thirdly… you turn inward-ness into outward confidence.
In this journey, the real confidence is let loose.

And lastly…..When all aspects of you come together at the same time,
There is more of you available and confident.

F M Alexander said “You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension”.
Combining mental ease with physical ease and emotional ease leads to confidence.


  • a planned approach gives stability
  • the stable strategy forms a platform to build a ‘yes’ response
  • the ‘yes’ response focuses and hones the mental sharpness


  •  Un-‘leash’ your neck and you have more to give of yourself. Read more here:  a free neck….. no effort,
    The head balances lightly, freely on spine and gives release to a supple backbone which……
    Supports a flexing, moveable chest; and provides…
    Easier breathing; lungs moving as they need to.
    Tension ebbs away effortlessly……The inside opens, widens…. spaciousness,
    Joints move simply, easily, joined with elasticity,
    More and more your whole support system releases.


  • Nerves quieten, smiling on the inside…
    Harmony bonds the whole Self..
    Maintains the balance and freedom…Boundless freedom of Self!

This whole process combined creates confidence into a reality……..work at it bit by bit and all together.

Neck, head, spine, heart, joy, all aligned..

-Aligned with confidence!

-Filled with easiness! Freedom…..

Over and over…….

Take some time now to do some quiet reflection.

What is your ‘fiction?  What holds you back from your REAL self? 

What messages do you tell yourself as you stand on the stage?  Email me; you’ll surely get an answer.

Everything can change when you change your thoughts about it…

Happy days…..


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