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Are you using your voice like you’ve been taught?

How do we operate?  What really makes us tick?

What makes us think; act; move; like we do?

Researchers in the University of Delaware USA trialed some people dialing a phone number on their mobiles while walking on a treadmill for two minutes.

What they noticed was that the walk was strange, exaggerated.  They took long strides, knees fully bent; while the ankles were fully flexed as well.

The conclusion – the group adapted their stride because they unconsciously sensed they were at greater risk of falling.

All of that without conscious thought!,


Without your conscious consent, all your senses are collecting data all the time.  All are carrying on regardless, as it always does.  (Or as you SENSE it does).

BUT – Are the senses accurate all the time?

Self preservation is deeply embedded.

BUT – How much control do we really have without knowing the secrets of the mind?

Q: Are the secrets always true?
Q: Can some possibly be warped over time into self preservation that is actually harmful?
Q: How can we guarantee (unconscious) success……!
Q: How can we ensure CONFIDENCE when our senses are working without our consent?

TIP.  Discover your mind’s secrets to master their efficiency.

Take a little trip with me right now………..

Do you believe for example “I have to have a certain posture to sing or speak like this”?

Or: “ I have to take bigger breaths to operate my voice louder”?

Or “I have to breathe through my belly to sing well”?

To question your beliefs is a real starting point.

The more you can uncover your beliefs; the more your confidence can bloom. 

Remove those self perpetuating, unconscious workings of your mind.  And be certain that how you sing (all the time) is how you wish to sound.

What are your beliefs about you?

Here is some mental homework for you.  Think back on how you sing or use your voice.

How much of your actions are  because someone told you that is how it must be.  And you believed it?

Through the week, keep asking yourself to uncover as much as you can of what and how you are because you BELIEVE it is so.

Share with me your findings; be sure I will offer a suggestion if you want it, if possible.

Happy Days

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