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How much tension is necessary and how much is too much

“Only two more blocks!”

Walking to the zoo to feed peanuts to the monkeys, our dad bravely shepherded us, five kids, eleven kilometres every Sunday afternoon for a treat.

Inevitably the homeward journey was fraught with little plodding feet.

Also inevitably came an occasional cheep from one of the littlies…“How much further Daddy?”.

The answer was ALWAYS “only two more blocks”.

We never questioned that.

It just kept us going: just released the tension of tiredness and kept us going.

Little did I realise then this would become a steadfast coping mechanism for me.

When things get really tough, it springs to mind….only two more blocks!

Folks, here’s the thing.  With any emotion, whether exhaustion or frustration, anxiety or anything that takes us away from ease and joy, it leads to an unconscious reaction. To the tightening up that is muscle tension.

Muscle tension leads to an over-riding state of un-rest.

At the moment of biggest ‘unrest’…..

…….if you have a ready coping mechanism, it’s the most useful thing.

The natural state of being seen in small animals and children is one of peacefulness.

When all is still, quiet, an inner calm exists, even in the most active moments.

I call this the “Sound of Silence”

Give yourself the opportunity to claim yours.

No matter how busy and how much of life there is for you, learning to find this inner quality at will, to be in it moment by moment; this is to live a full life!

For me ‘only two more blocks’ is the cue to resume my ‘sound of silence’.   The state of inner peacefulness!

What is your ready method that you draw on at your most tense or anxious?  Let me know, email me.

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Happy days

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