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Are you worried that you will experience this in the future?

The other day someone told me that she was going to do a gig with a couple of buddies who had asked her to sing with them.

When I asked her what was the biggest concern she admitted that she was petrified that once she was on stage all kind of things would go wrong.  She might forget her words, she might also run out of air and worst of all her voice might become squeaky.

A daunting list for anyone preparing for a stage performance!

Since she had identified three areas I asked her which one was the most likely to happen first.

She answered immediately, not enough breath!

Does it worry you not having enough air?  What happens……..?

Here are five things she and others have said about this jam –

–I start to sweat and my hands go numb

–Anxiety escalates fast

–Underneath it all there’s a feeling “I can’t”

–I dread that my voice won’t come out

— I push harder…. I HAVE to anyway!  I’m stuck!

Deep down, you notice there is war going on inside.

The ultimate result is a massive amount of all over tension.

And this blocks the breath, cuts down the voice.

Here’s a very workable solution..

The crucial ‘origin of tension’ is where the head meets the spine balance.  Let go of the pull there, let go of the tightness.

The spinoff frees up the breathing and gives the total voice its power.

The whole body lightens!

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