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How a free-flowing Body enhances the Singer’s Joy

Watch any child and notice how easily they sing, shout, scream LOUDLY!………

……look a little further and you see their voice, their body – flexible; moves, flows when needed; bends effortlessly?

Why do things change as we grow up?  How does it change?

In all humans………..

all movement begins…in the head and neck!

As the head floats  …  it flows up through the crown; dynamic rising!

It feels different, lighter, freer.

Say ‘yes’ to this new experience.  Try it.  And say it over and over again.

An openness spirals through the torso as tension goes and lightness comes

Ah …  the arms!  Supported by the torso they float easily from the shoulders!

The mind moves easily instructing the next moment -it’s engaged in releasing energy from within…

Releasing the next development…(it is mind muscle at work)

To the next change…

It connects to the whole – to body/mind control.  Free of criticism!

Freedom expands right down to the feet…..

Releasing all unintended stress,

– creating balanced poise.

And then...the voice sings!

Simply, clearly, calmly, strong and powerful.

Breathing comes and goes like day and night, inevitably but seamlessly.

The song is simply beautiful.

It sounds so easy…. when you know how.

……..This is how easily a child sings, screams, makes every sound!  You can too.

Singing is a ‘whole body’ affair!

I have some very unique ideas on how to have a great singing experience. With child-like ease.

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