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How to sing from your core. Where is the core?

When she came to me to learn how to sing better, I ask her what would she like to explore today?

She told me it’s not for the student to say, the teacher normally should direct or guide the lesson;

My response….to guide you is indeed my function.  And I can guide you well when I know what is stopping your voice from singing its best, your No 1 concern.  Only you can know that and only you can tell me that.

So I ask again…..what would you like to explore today?

The student says “Tell me where my core is?”

Do you mean the core that your singing teacher talks of, I ask.

Reply – yes, sing from the ‘core’!  But I don’t really know where that is.

What an excellent question. 

Think of the core of the apple, where is it? What are its boundaries?  Does it end around the pips?

Like the waist, the core is a mythical ill-defined place, in concept different in each person.  The purpose generally not considered except in a general term, a notion.  Can this limit how you sing and prevent you expanding your singing?

To sing from the core is a matter of your concept of where it is.

The question is – do you know enough about yourself to really sing from your core?

You try pushing the diaphragm upwards as you sing out, you try ‘tightening’ the ‘core’, and nothing helps.

To sing from the core one must surely sing from the ‘whole’ not just the parts!

And not to tighten anything, but to release everything.  Sound impossible?  It isn’t!

Like the apple from the top to the bottom, from every side and front and back.  It’s very easy when you figure it out.

Try it.

Then try it again.  And again, and again.

Happy days

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