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Singers….what is your range, what is your best voice?

Someone said recently that his father, who had played in a band, told him…singers in a band must have good backing so their faults are disguised.

This may be harsh and may be true, however…..

In my experience, singers in my class and who come for lessons are a dedicated lot, ever working to eliminate faults, to improve their expression, their passion; to sing from the heart.  This is always their drive, always alive.

My students often ask – Where does my voice sound best? I don’t know what is my range?  

I quiz this  student who had asked this question… what is a daily routine that you’d hate to be without?

‘My mobile’ is the quick reply.

I ask what is it about your phone you’d hate to be without.

Entertainment! I check it hourly and it gives me excitement and comfort.

I ask… what would happen if someone took it away, how would you get your entertainment, your excitement, your comfort?

I would fill my time doing things around that make me feel good, be productive, feel helpful.

So… if you limit your voice to where your comfort level is you limit yourself.

Is it just possible that if you make all sounds possible for you, you will remain open?

See here’s the thing; any limit you have about your voice limits everything about you.

Can you let yourself be flexible?

Can you open yourself to explore the possibilities that your excitement will let you?

Can the outcome of this be freedom!

“I let my voice be free to explore all possibilities”

Be your ‘unlimited’ self!

Happy days
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