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Set you voice free workshop

Here’s a little run down of what the singers explored at the seminar on Saturday.  If you were there then this is a refresher of our programme.

The importance of the true nature of how to sing the singing…..! 

Recognize the boundaries you have made through your life about you e.g. singing to the audience with your eyes closed.

Ask yourself is this really necessary?  Perhaps you can expand YOU if you get rid of this boundary.  (or whatever is your particular boundary).

When your mental body has a true ‘picture’ of your expanded Self, you sing more firmly and the actual sound is more firm.

Expand your ‘mental body’ to the ends of yourself; it is so much further than most singers realize…

Limited by

a) your self-beliefs and
b) by misconceptions of how and where sound (voice) happens

These are two powerful constraints of where the song happens.

Explore your sound physically through your physical design; knowledge of an expanding kind….here is a whole check list

  1. Trust that your innate true voice is alive and will come together with clear knowledgeable input from you.
  2. Be sure about the delicate yet solid operation between the head and the spine. Press the mental button to activate it.
  3. Rely on a very positive knowledge of the breathing machine.
  4. And follow the dictates of this reliable knowledge.
  5. And when you are certain of rules 1 to 4, let your whole being connect with your audience.

The most powerful example of this happened when one participant stepped up to try out her singing with this new knowledge.

She sang the song she had chosen….a brave thing for anyone to do!  I asked her why she closed her eyes while she sang.

She admitted that it was easier if she did not see the people seeing her.

Have you ever felt like this? 

When she had examined her thoughts, she realized how this one affected her singing.  And ultimately she sang with wonderful connection then to us her little audience.

It was glorious to hear a new and exciting voice she had with her second (eyes open) try out.

Do you have limits that you can change?  Write and tell me about them, you will get a reply.

Happy days



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