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What Every Dreadful Singer Doesn’t Need To Know

On days when I am really happy, it shows in freedom and delight I experience.

I saw it when I broke my wrist two years ago.  Guessing the state of my self-image was a no-brainer .

You can see straight away when singers are happy and well; they care for their self image.

“When we are singing the walls are no longer there, but when we stop the walls return.  And then we’re back to counting bricks again.”  words from Sikonde, a young prison inmate from Malawi’s Maximum Security Prison in Zomba (a 60 Minutes viewing).

Most of us have no physical walls around us, yet for so many our voices are imprisoned.  Imprisoned behind the label of ‘terrible singer’!…..given to you by you or by someone else.  Often long ago!!

The power of expressing yourself through your voice is the ‘dream’ come true!

A very positive way to express good self/body image.

My student yesterday listed for me the characteristics of the ‘terrible singer’.  I write them now, tongue in cheek;

What Every Dreadful Singer Doesn’t Need To Know

  • Laugh to cover up my embarrassment.
  • Be nervous, fidgety and scared; it adds to the result.
  • Look relaxed!  Be Comfortable, slouchy, cross my arms,
  • Or stand to attention, shoulders back, look perfect.
  • Tense face, tight lips, anxious eyes, clenched eyebrows;
  • Don’t look at anyone! It might put me off.
  • Fudge the lyrics when I forget the words.
  • Fill the lungs at the start of the song to have enough breath to the end!
  • Sing softly….’cos my voice is shaky when I sing loud; rather not hear me
  • Fake confidence….no one will guess!
  • Apologise all the time. Makes me feel better!
  • Try harder. Get it right first time or keep trying over and over.

The truth is

There are many singers who are not equipped with the finest of voices or the best techniques, but they still LOVE singing and WANT to sing.

Is this what you think? 

I have a terrible voice
I was told I was crap and tuneless at school.
I love singing in the car but when anyone hears, I just shut up.
I love to sing, but would never join a choir or go for a singing lesson
I love to sing at home, but if anyone’s there, I just won’t.
I would never sing karaoke or in front of anyone even though I just love singing,
I would only sing in a group with other singers so no one would hear ME.
My voice just isn’t good enough.
I used to sing in a choir and really enjoyed it at school, but never sing alone.

Come join our Choir where ‘terrible singers’ hang out together!  Everyone is the same.

Is it something you might want to know more about?  Talk to me!

Happy days


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