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My #1 Tip for Singers that leads to Effective Singing

I often wonder whether singers who have made fame like Amy Winehouse; Cilla Black or Freddy Mercury ever suffered pre-performance panic attacks. Most singers struggle with anxiety about singing a whole phrase in one breath.

There is a way not round this but through this. And it has to do with what you think you are doing: when actually you may be doing something else without realising it.

My #1 Tip: Your whole self, from your head to your toes is your singing. You are not separated into body, mind, voice and breathing.

That means simply that you are your voice!

As Esther Broner quotes: “The total person sings not just the vocal chords.”

You cannot ‘fix’ your breathing without affecting the whole of yourself. You also cannot make you breathing work differently. Changing the whole concept of what you sing to ‘the how of what you sing’; the how of how your whole system works is what makes the song.

Underlying the whole human is a system that works perfectly if you let it!

If you get my #1 tip, really get it, you can transform your whole outlook (and in-look too!). And this forms the basis of a dynamic change in the way you approach singing.

Then consider questions like what are your breathing bones?
What part do your feet play in breathing?
How can the head/spine produce better singing?
Are you a multi-faceted moving, thinking and breathing structure?

Start to change your awareness of the ‘breathing anatomy; of exploring NOT interfering in the human design. Of having an organised breathing plan!

This whole new way of thinking is especially interesting for performers, amateurs, and singing educators.

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