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Oops! I FORGOT to breathe!

Huh! I forgot to breathe?

Me?….No!….. Never!…… Not me!

Even now it seems impossible. Impossible that I often held my breath. I was told this often until I accepted it WAS true.

It is surprisingly common even among singers.

When this becomes a chronic state for a singer, the whole person is compromised. You end up gasping, sucking in air; never feeling like there is enough air in the tank. Tiredness, lack of confidence, sleep deprived, any number of complications sneakily appear.

And the worst thing is YOU DON’T KNOW…TILL YOU KNOW!

Know what?

Whenever you think to yourself ‘am I holding my breath?’ it is already after the moment. You have changed your breathing just thinking about it.

You actually cannot catch yourself quickly enough to find out.

And taking deep breathing exercise lessons can actually confuse matters.

Un-bundling the complicated ways that become the norm over months and years is a simple process of understanding the true cause/s of ‘holding your breath’.

So, here’s a little sneak preview into the possibility that this might be you. Is it?

– You often take in large breaths?

– You seem to HAVE to do this because even with your big breaths, there is not enough.

– You’re constantly yawning (for the same reason as above)?

– And combined with these (or not) your energy flags too early, too quickly?

– Worst of all, you may have started smoking. (you secretly think it might encourage the lungs to work more).

Here are three vital pieces of knowledge:

  1. The first bit of great news is:  the answers are simpler than you think.
  2. Pulling in or pushing out the breath actually weakens the lung sacs. The aim to increase the lung capacity is good, the method falls short of what’s required.
  3. “Good posture” is very important; providing it is not the kind of good posture that is actually causing tightness and holding.

Want to find out more?

I am delighted to say that I have written an eCourse that expands on this whole issue, with insights and answers to the how’s and why not’s of gaining easier breathing that enhances the singer’s voice.  Enrol here to get the eCourse.


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