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Help! I can’t get enough breath!

Not surprising that she had a problem. Her neck was strained. Her breath coming in small sharp gasps. As she was talking to me I noticed her struggle to speak.

I asked her what made her breathe and like most of us she said her diaphragm. This idea is obvious of course, yet it is hard to know that so much more of you makes you breathe. The diaphragm works from the automatic system that we have little to no control over.

For singers this is primarily their first concern. Getting a good breath can become a huge strain and inadvertently ends up causing more strain as we push further and further into the stress of it.

I did not teach her how to breathe! That’s because those who don’t know how to breathe are not on this planet.

Instead, I explored with her how to UN-breathe. Yes….getting to the bottom line!

So, while she was letting out the air, it was important for her to unwind the primary source of all her movements; that is the anti-gravity motion of the neck, back and spine.

With some gentle touch I showed her what this means.  Gradually she came to notice how she was affecting her breathing.  This was a turn around moment for her; to see how mind affects body.

Discovering the secret to un-breathing is a skill that is simple once you know how.

  • First you want to notice whether you are making any tension in yourself the moment you take a singing breath.
  • Once you recognize it and pause, you may decide to move an arm instead of taking a breath.
  • It is through not making an immediate response to your own thought to breathe that can give you the opportunity to change it.
  • Then just easily let the sound come out.  Notice if you have reduced your tension as you do with your regular way of singing.

Mario Demiraj singer, guitarist and teacher says “I’ve found that I am able to release a lot more tension while singing and it’s given me much more freedom in my voice”. Now he is alert, his posture is easy and he feels good throughout the day!

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