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Free breath.  Free vocal chords.  Free confidence.  Free sound.  Free from habits that bind the voice!  It means freeing EVERYTHING!

Dreaming about why I love singing so much….I have just always loved to sing; it lifts my spirits and there is no doubt that singing touches the soul.

Song too is a living contact with the past.  I remember my father always went about his day with a tune he sang.  He would sing when he was in a happy mood. Which was most of the time! And those times were always peaceful. No need for words. Just doing what he was doing and enjoying it.

Mum on the other hand loved her Irish songs with their undertones of longing; a longing to revisit her home country.

So for me, singing is a way of being close to very happy memories and also the pathos of life.  No wonder I love singing.  When I am singing the words match my mood and it makes me OK, be it down or happy. It just is OK!

Singing is a great motivator for me; I pick myself up, brush myself off, sing and be happy.

But life has not been all singing!

While bringing up my children I suffered from excruciating back pain (no amount of song could lift that!).  For years I struggled with being happy and painful together; it didn’t always work.

By stroke of luck, I found what would really help me.  Alexander Technique (click for website) became the way of getting myself whole again.  It seemed logical then to commit myself to a full time training to pass it on to others.

I remember a time when someone told me that I had a terrible voice and strongly advised me not to sing at all. It crushed me but never made me stop.

What I learnt through my training is that I can positively influence every aspect of my life.

Today my love of singing has come to a place where it might be enjoying a moment and then notice that my voice is straining and flat. With my skills gained from the technique, I notice how my head and voice are struggling with the effort I am giving to the song.

Consciously I notice then that with more ‘anti-gravity’ action I release this vocal straight jacket and  hear the sweet sound that is possible. I am uplifted once again.

it is very releasing, I love the effect as it touches my soul.

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