Natural Vocal Freedom

Sing Without Strain – Free Your Voice – Perform at your Best

Tips for Audition Success for Students

 Teachers – Have you ever dreamed of having a winner in a major competition? Ever had a student who constantly failed at auditioning? They can sing beautifully, but put them in front of the judges and they crumble to dust. In this article I outline the pitfalls that can give vocal teachers headaches when things Continue Reading

The Challenges of being on Stage!

Breathing and performance anxiety are a marriage.  To ignore either one is at the expense of the other.  Here I will expand on the importance of finding the balance. F. M. Alexander : I do not claim to have discovered any new method of breathing, but to understand the only true one – Nature’s. My Continue Reading

Oops! I FORGOT to breathe!

Huh! I forgot to breathe? Me?….No!….. Never!…… Not me! Even now it seems impossible. Impossible that I often held my breath. I was told this often until I accepted it WAS true. It is surprisingly common even among singers. When this becomes a chronic state for a singer, the whole person is compromised. You end Continue Reading

Sing with Freedom

Free breath.  Free vocal chords.  Free confidence.  Free sound.  Free from habits that bind the voice!  It means freeing EVERYTHING! Dreaming about why I love singing so much….I have just always loved to sing; it lifts my spirits and there is no doubt that singing touches the soul. Song too is a living contact with Continue Reading