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Tips for Audition Success for Students

 Teachers – Have you ever dreamed of having a winner in a major competition? Ever had a student who constantly failed at auditioning? They can sing beautifully, but put them in front of the judges and they crumble to dust. In this article I outline the pitfalls that can give vocal teachers headaches when things Continue Reading

The Challenges of being on Stage!

Breathing and performance anxiety are a marriage.  To ignore either one is at the expense of the other.  Here I will expand on the importance of finding the balance. F. M. Alexander : I do not claim to have discovered any new method of breathing, but to understand the only true one – Nature’s. My Continue Reading

Oops! I FORGOT to breathe!

Huh! I forgot to breathe? Me?….No!….. Never!…… Not me! Even now it seems impossible. Impossible that I often held my breath. I was told this often until I accepted it WAS true. It is surprisingly common even among singers. When this becomes a chronic state for a singer, the whole person is compromised. You end Continue Reading